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What are Backflow Prevention Devices?

An excellent example to demonstrate the importance of a Backflow Prevention Device is the 2005 Stratford case involving a self-serve car wash. The owners of the company were charged $75,000 by the Ministry of the Environment for inadvertently allowing wash water to enter the municipality’s drinking water distributions system, thus allowing dangerous chemicals and contaminants to enter the drinking water distribution system and interfere with the municipality’s ability to supply safe, clean drinking water to its residents.

The City of St. Thomas has an active cross connection control program. Under By-Law No. 44-2000, the Backflow Prevention Program has been implemented to ensure all dangerous chemicals and contaminants do not migrate into our drinking water distribution system.

The Backflow Prevention Device is designed to stop the reversal of water flow from a device or facility. Water flow can be reversed in various circumstances, such as water main breaks, firefighting situations and other changes in water pressure.

Depending on your facilities risk classification, certain measures need to be taken to comply with By-Law No. 44-2000.

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For more information about the City of St. Thomas Bylaw No. 44-2000, please visit City of St. Thomas - Environmental Service Department.

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